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Latest London Taxis Available To Rent

Just a selection of our latest London Black Taxis available to rent today from our Dalston yard at Hartwell Street.


Why Sherbet Taxi Rentals?

Sherbet London is leading the way to ensure the licensed London taxi trade can meet the expectations of today’s consumers, your passengers.

Sherbet are investing in a new generation of London taxi drivers who want to deliver a world class customer service to the London consumer.

Whether passengers are hailed on the street, the corporate sector or tourists, renting a cab from Sherbet London means you benefit from driving the best London taxis available on the market, with none of the worries of ownership.  Buying the latest TX4s or Mercedes Vitos currently available, Sherbet London will continue to invest in the cleanest greenest taxis as they come to market.

How Sherbet London Works

Sherbet London invests in buying the latest, brand new TX4 Euro 5 models for drivers who want to drive the iconic London taxi without the concerns of maintenance or emissions. The Sherbet fleet offers high spec cabs, with air con for both driver and passenger with latest safety, security and convenience features. Sherbet London taxis come with a distinctive hand printed Union Jack grill. We will provide drivers with an exceptional level of customer service, responding quickly to their queries and issues.

How Much to Rent with Sherbet

To find out how to rent with Sherbet London call : 0207 254 3849

Committed to supporting the Mayors zero emissions strategy, the Sherbet rental fleet will continue to feature the most ecologically advanced models, and is on course to grow to 2500 taxis by 2018.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Sherbet London will contribute to the reduction of harmful emissions and is investing in zero emission capable taxis as they become available. Sherbet will be  the greenest, largest, highest quality, uniquely branded fleet of London taxis. We will maintain our position at the cutting edge of urban environmental and ecological developments. We are committed to rolling out an electric/hybrid taxi fleet as soon as the available.

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